The events

The Connected World programme is built around a series of events, held in partnership with universities spanning the UK, from the South Coast to Edinburgh. Each event focuses on a different topic area from the Connected World framework.

The events are open to any applicant, free of charge, and will be run in different formats, depending on the needs of the topic. The series will run November 2009 and continue throughout 2010, and will feature a range of exceptional people drawn from a variety of fields (policy-making, business & industry, academic, IT and communications, political, commentary).

See the schedule of events for more detail; you can register to attend one or more of the events free of charge here, or by clicking on the orange button on the right.

If you would like the panel to consider one of your questions, please post a question or comment here.

We expect to stream many of the events online. Please register your interest by clicking here if you would like to watch one or more events online.